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  • Whiteboard
    Draw your text with a hand graphic to bring life to your presentations
  • WP Standard Gallery
    Automatically convert your traditional WP Standard Galleries
  • Backups
    Creates automatic backups for your individual slides
  • Related Posts
    Add a “Related Posts” slider to your individual posts pages

Latest News

  • 5.2 Update
    Introducing Add-Ons, SVG’s, Audio & more
  • 5.1 Update
    Layer Management & Google Fonts & WooCommerce now easier than ever
  • 5.0 Update
    See what’s new with the big 5.0 update
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    Keep updated about what’s new from ThemePunch

Individual Templates

  • Minimal
    Setup the “Premium Minimal Template”
  • Website Builder
    Setup the “Website Builder” Template
  • Innovation
    Modify the Sticky Menu for the “Innovation” Template
  • Content Blocks
    Setup the “Content Blocks” template
  • App Landing Page
    Edit the “Learn More” content in the “App Landing Page”
  • Coming Soon
    Change the Date for the “Coming Soon” Template
  • YouTube Hero
    Enable Sound for the YouTube Hero Template
  • Our Team
    Modify thumbnails for “Our Team” template
  • Photography
    Change burger menu color for the “Photography” template
  • Newsletter Hero
    How to setup MailChimp for the Newsletter Hero template
  • Not Generic
    Modify the Menu for the “Not Generic” Template

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