How to Build a Custom Menu


Create a custom menu similar to the Innovation Template to navigate to specific slides or to other parts of your website.

1. Visit the Static Layers slide

The Static Layers slide allows for displaying content on top of all other slides within the slider.  Content Layers added here will be visible at all times, even when your slides change.


2. Select a slide from the "Show Layers from Slide" dropdown

The Static Layers slide does not include its own background, as technically its background is the slider itself.  But for editing purposes, it’s helpful to see what your Static Layers would look like when they’re placed against your other slides.  And this is where the “Show Layers from Slide” option is particularly useful.


3. Add some Layers for your menu


4. With the Layer selected, create a new "Click" Action


5. Link to an Individual Slide or another web page

5.1 Link to an Individual Slide
5.2 Link to another web page